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Professionals delivering service in research dissertation or thesis analysis to students in the various tertiary institutions in Ghana and beyond.

Why you need the data analyst?

To start with a  dissertation writing, one has to collect data for the research.

The data to be used can be either collected using data gathering techniques(primary data) or someone else’s existing data (secondary data), if it serves the purpose of the research.

Collecting the data correctly from the field takes a great deal of work. Before data analysis can begin, the accuracy of the data collected needs to be verified.

Following data collection, the data needs to be critically analysed.

For any research, data analysis is very important as it provides an explanation of various concepts, theories, frameworks and methods used. It eventually helps in arriving at conclusions and proving the hypothesis.

Data analysis is a process used to inspect, clean, transform and remodel data with a view to reach to a certain conclusion for a given situation.

Data analysis is typically of two kinds: qualitative or quantitative. The type of data dictates the method of analysis.

In qualitative research, any non-numerical data like text or individual words are analysed.

Quantitative analysis, on the other hand, focuses on measurement of the data and can use statistics to help reveal results and conclusions.

The results are numerical. In some cases, both forms of analysis are used hand in hand. For example, quantitative analysis can help prove qualitative conclusions.

Among the many benefits of data analysis, the more important ones are:

  • Data analysis helps in structuring the findings from different sources of data.
  • Data analysis is very helpful in breaking a macro problem into micro parts.
  • Data analysis acts like a filter when it comes to acquiring meaningful insights out of huge data set.
  • Data analysis helps in keeping human bias away from the research conclusion with the help of proper statistical treatment.

When discussing data analysis it is important to mention that a methodology to analyse data needs to be picked.

If a specific methodology is not selected data can neither be collected nor analyzed.

The methodology should be present in the dissertation as it enables the reader to understand which methods have been used during the research and what type of data has been collected and analyzed throughout the process.

The dissertation also presents a critical analysis of various methods and techniques that were considered but ultimately not used for the data analysis.

An effective research methodology leads to better data collection and analysis and leads the researcher to arrive at valid and logical conclusions in the research.

Without a specific methodology, observations and findings in a research cannot be made which means methodology is an essential part of a research or dissertation.

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